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BioHarmony EcoCenter

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

I'm ready to plant a seed in the heart of the Ozarks that will help heal our land and our people. The BioHarmony EcoCenter. I had previously referred to it as "EcoResort." However, after a discussion on the SolarPunk Reddit, I don't believe that accurately reflects its intentions. It is going to be a BioRegional EcoCenter for the Ozarks. It will act as an education hub and gathering place for like-minded organizations. It will be the public face for all BioHarmony EcoVilllages.

Here's how I want to build it.

  1. Find Land

    1. Rural, where nobody monitors what we build. I'm sure we're skimping on all sorts of "building codes."

    2. Doesn't need to be fancy. In fact, I'm thinking it would be best to buy land that has been ravaged by capitalism-driven industrialized farming practices. Turn their desolated topsoil into our earth-bag domes and regenerate the rest over time.

    3. Partner with Ozark Land Trust or similar organization to find the right spot.

  2. Open a Makerspace/Tool Library

    1. If possible, clean up and re-purpose the industrial buildings leftover from the prior operation.

    2. Start with what our community already has. Time to clean out your garages, where we've stored all the things we use a few times a year, but were convinced we needed to own.

    3. Use Library Software and QR codes for checkouts

    4. Utilize Open Source Ecology to start building the Global Village Construction Set.

  3. Build a recycling center

    1. We're turning trash into our building components. Plastic, Glass, Aluminum, Copper, anything Infinitely Recyclable.

    2. Use the Solar Concentrator of various sizes to melt the components back down.

    3. Eventually would be cool to work up to 3D-printers that can take materials right out of the Solar Concentrator.

    4. Considering turning the Solar Concentrator into a triangle, and baking Dome panels out of the recycled materials.

  4. Build Spa Domes

    1. These are the seeds of each habitation unit.

    2. Pioneers come and live a "glamping" lifestyle while they build and plant.

    3. Domes assemble in less than a day. Throw up a tarp, string up a hammock, and get to work.

  5. Start a vehicle Co-Op

    1. Add an auto-shop on to the Makerspace/Tool Library

    2. Same inventory/booking software as for the Tool Library

  6. Build RV/TinyHome Shells

    1. Spa Domes connected to a Turtle Shell RV Canopy made of railroad tiles, covered in solar panels

    2. Hook up blackwater pipes to BioGas System.

    3. Hook up graywater pipes to RainWater collection pond.

    4. Have to do a thorough cleaning and only use natural cleaners moving forward

  7. Build Kitchen Domes

    1. Growing Fresh Vegetables Year-Round

    2. Similar to spa domes, but with a kitchen in the middle.

    3. Basically putting a Greenhouse around the edge of this.

  8. Build Community Spaces

    1. Outdoor park around the edge of a Community Center.

    2. Let the kids help design and build the park out of recycled tires and railroad ties.

    3. Technology spaces (Entertainment, Education) Movie nights, Seminars

  9. Build Habitation Domes

    1. Hoping GeoShip might be ready by now?

    2. If not, consider using the same spin as Spa/Kitchen domes, but growing fruits and flowers.

  10. Build Public Center

    1. Farmers Market for BioHarmony EcoVillage network.

    2. Tea Shop

    3. Event and Rental Check-In

From here, the other BioHarmony EcoVillages can spawn using the connections made and lessons learned. Their process will be similar, but adapted to the specific community's needs and location.

Thank you for reading. If you are at all interested in helping any of this become a reality, in any way, please respond to this quick Survey

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