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Introduction to Domesteading

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

There are many ways to start a homestead. There are plenty of places where acquiring land is easy and cheap enough. But building a "normal" home can be a huge barrier, both with cost and time. Even building a not-so-normal home like an Earthship, Strawbale, Superadobe, or Cob house can require so much time and/or manual labor that it keeps people from getting started. You can also take the "roughing it" approach and start with a tent or a shack. But that lifestyle is a turn-off for many people, and such shelters feel temporary and leave you vulnerable to the stronger forces of nature.

Seeing all these barriers, and an increasing rise in interest to start a homestead, I would like to introduce the concept of Domesteading. It is a method of getting your homestead started for a much lower cost in parts, labor, and discomfort. The result is a structure that will serve you for generations.

Dome homes have been around for ages, and were modernized and re-popularized into geodesic domes by Buckminster Fuller. As humans do, we have continued to build on that idea to make it easier. Ekodome has created a modular, flexible, DIY-able system for building dome structures. You can get a weather-proof shelter built with just a few people in a few days.

Domesteading starts very simply -- with a 3V Ekodome screwed into some leveled earth. The first stage, complete in a matter of days, is something between a tent and a "glamping" dome -- a safe place to keep yourself and some belongings safe from the elements.

EDIT: I have 1 EkoDome kit already purchased, that I will utilize to prove these ideas. It is a great option to move quickly if you have the money. Moving forward, I will be exploring cheaper, DIY-able options like Trillium Domes.

For this example, I have placed a large hammock and picnic table. You could just as easily furnish it with cots and a workbench. From here, this simple dome is going to evolve into a self-sustaining off-grid greenhouse-spa. I will be elaborating on this process over the next few blog posts. So if you're interested, please subscribe and follow along.

This article contains affiliate links to Ekodome. So if you'd like to buy one and follow along, the links in this article will let them know I sent you and give me a little kickback. Thanks!

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