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Text-based Ramblings

This is the easiest place for me to dump ideas. Just text, and occasional pictures. It often gets technical, and links out to other related projects


At first, we'll be documenting our family's "Domesteading" process here. But hopefully it will grow to encapsulate all sorts of BioHarmonic Architecture experiments.


OpenSource EcoVillage Simulator, any other OpenSource projects that come from BioHarmonic Solutions.


Reddit is my favorite place to bring ideas to get them sharpened by like-minded communities. Check out the subreddits I'm in, and feel free to follow along.


Unfortunately, I have not completely removed my shackles to Capitalism. While I'm building the Domestead, I still have a family to feed and bills to pay. If I don't get funding, I will be doing software consulting work for people who have money, instead of building the OpenVillage Builder for those who need it. I've considered other crowdfunding sources, but I don't have a product to offer people, and I want all of my work to be open source.


One more place to build connections and relationships. I don't post much original content here, but I do announce and link out to some blog posts and YouTube videos. I'm always looking to grow my network, so feel free to connect.

Anti-Capitalist Tidbits

Short, raw, sometimes angry musings about the failings of capitalism and ideas to build something better.

Open and Distributed Social Network

I had a twitter, but Mr. Musk is having his way with it, and I'm moving over to Mastadon, as it is Open Source and Distributed. Just getting started here, but hopefully some shorter text-based quips to come soon, as well as links to other sites.

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